About us

Great Estate is the Italian real estate international agencies network specialized in the sale and purchase of farmhouses, villas, farms, hamlets and luxury castles towards an international clientele, as well as on the Italian real estate investment field in general.
The international market prefers regions like Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Liguria, Piedmont, Sardinia, Sicily and large cities, touristic destinations and core businesses of the country, such as Florence, Rome, Venice and Milan.
Great Estate is a luxury real estate agency looking on the whole Italy and planning to reach the entire national territory in four years, from 2020 to 2024. The goal is to satisfy the national and international clients' purchasing requests for the Italian regions where the Brand is not present at the moment. (see our offices)
The Great Estate Staff includes both Italian and international professionals who love the beauty and the culture of our amazing Italy and have chosen to live in our “Bel Paese”. In this way, international professionals can transmit their life experience to international customers, helping them during the whole purchasing process of the properties offered for sale by the group.
The group is composed by an international team of more than 80 consultants led by Stefano Petri, the CEO. The consultants handle with professionalism, fairness and great success, the sale and purchase of luxury properties towards a prestigious and specifically international clientele.
About us

Our story

Great Estate has been created in 2001, its first office was a 12 sqm old garage in a small town named Piazze, in the Municipality of Cetona, in the province of Siena.
Thanks to the technical skills and law knowledge of Stefano Petri, an IT experience and a predisposition to the innovation, Great Estate was able to understand that the right technology can make the difference, even in a business which mainly bases itself on direct and human relationships. In a very few years, the methodology computerization placed Great Estate among the Italian luxury real estate leader agencies.
A successful group whose work led national and international clients to entrust themselves to it in order to sale their properties or realize their dreams. Paolo Bulgari (the Bulgari S.p.a. president), Leonardo Ferragamo, Rijkman Groening (the A.BN. AMRO Bank former president), Duncan NIederauer (American Stock Exchange of Wall Street former President), Tricia Guild (famous British interior designer), Antonio Armellini (Italian Ambassador in India owing many institutional and political roles), Luca Argentero e Vincenzo Salemme (Actors) are just some of all the relevant people of finance, show, business and politics with who we closed, and we are still closing, remarkable successful sales and purchases.
Since 2013, Great Estate started an international network for Italian agencies development project, aimed to propose the important and prestigious Italian real estate offer to an ever-increasing number of international buyers from all over the world.
The technology that has identified Great Estate right from its beginning has led to the creation of The Best Price, a real estate evaluation software and a management system of the group partner agencies able to guarantee the quality of work within the Great Estate network, providing higher services and proposals on the whole national area.

Great Estate offices

 Great Estate offices

Would you like to share with us the growth of our group, managing high-level properties and customers? Join the Great Estate network: contact us completing the following form:

The team

Great Estate can rely on professionals able to take care of the sale and purchase process in every step, from the first contact with the client to the signature of the final deed in front of the Public Notary, together with the after-sale services offered by the services-provider partners.
The Great Estate Group has a considerable staff of professionals who manages both the buyers and sellers. In addition, at the head office, a team of experts carries out daily a back office work aimed to give the best national and international exposure to all the properties in our portfolio and to support and improve the performance of the agencies sharing the GREAT ESTATE Project.
The whole team is led by the CEO Stefano Petri who everyday transmits to the group the values of fairness, professionalism and willingness.

Our policy

Fairness, professionalism and willingness: these are the base of the work that Great Estate has been carrying on since 2001, strengthening on the national territory as point of reference for the purchase and sale of luxurious, prestigious and representative properties to national and international clients.
The quality of the portfolio selection and the professional attention to the customer are two of the characteristics demanded to the agents while choosing the properties and handling the sale and purchase on the international level.
Each property is managed in the smallest details with the intention to satisfy the buyers and sellers at every phase, from the acquiring to the purchase, further to the after-sale assistance.
The Great Estate customer know that can be assisted in every moment of the sale and purchase process, starting from the property estimate to its renovation through the many partners continuously involved in the Network.
An equip of associated professionals, such as Notaries, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, artisans and many others are carefully selected to look after the purchase negotiations of prestigious properties with Great Estate, ensuring the highest level of international professionalism, always respecting the customer privacy.

Position, Vision e Mission

Great Estate is a company that provides original and technological real estate brokerage services.
The group handles prestigious properties, mainly holiday houses, attractive for national and international clients.
GE relies on intellectual wealth, branding and know-how, spread by the head office over the years. The Vision GE aims to follow is: Supply a real estate services platform to the whole estate brokerage world (agencies/freelance agents, service providers and clients).
“Innovate the User experience in the Italian Real Estate market through a business solution platform, to professionalize, accelerate and simplify transactions and services”.

Great Estate Clients

Great Estate customers are mainly foreigners, in love with and fascinated by the beauty of Italy.
The properties in which they are mostly interested are prestigious farmhouses, luxury villas, apartments located in historic centers or in touristic areas, agricultural business, villages and castles and significant investment opportunities.
International customers research assistance in every aspect of the sale and after, and GREAT ESTATE group keeps to provide them with it from over 20 years.
Therefore, our clients want to be assisted by a competent structure which they can trust, with partnerships capable of helping them through tailored services.

The Great Estate sellers are mainly Italian even though, in these last few years, the percentage of international sellers has increased. Vendors who entrust our group are looking for, and actually find, services and advertising exposure that are different from the ordinary Italian real estate world.

Experiences of customers who have believed in Great Estate

Alessandro Giusti (Accountant manager, Tuscany and Marche's consul in Montecarlo)

Since when I met Stefano Petri, I have always referred to him every time in which I had important real estate opoortunities; I emphasise important not only and not much for the objects themselves but mainly for the particular “care to the service” with which I believed the situation needed to be handled. Given the enthusiasm and the abilities of all the people of the staff that I met, I thought that such a consolidated team of human resources could have a fast growing international development. How? It is too soon to tell, certainly by using all the financial and dynamic tools that nowadays are available on the market, for those who are worthy.
Tricia Guild (globally known Interior Designer)

when we first met Stefano Petri we have been very impressed by his energy and professionalism and we immediately realized that he had an excellent knowledge of the area and of our home. Time and care he spents on clients, together with the competence he has, are a winning combination and we really appreciated it. We strongly recommend the whole Great Estate Group.
Mr and Mrs Hildenbrand (Claude Hildembrand entrepreneur e Financial Advisor)

I found Great Estate while looking for a property in the South of Tuscany in the internet. The purchase process has been easy and well organized by Great Estate and I have been absolutely satisfied with the group's support and professionalism. I would surely recommend Great Estate because it consists of great professionals and excellent people to work with.
Deborah Ross Warin and Frank Ambrosio (University teachers)

From the online advertisement to our agent and the other agents, we have met professional, competen, informed and reliable people. We have been sincerely impressed by the rapidity of our agent, by how fast he was in understanding what we wanted, maybe even before us in first place. Our experience has been undoubtedly positive.
Luca Argentero (actor)

we stopped in front of the showcase, we've asked for information and they showed us exactly what we were looking for. We found competent and friendly people who followed us and advised us with the utmost kindness.
Harvey e Anne Green (Anne Green university teacher)

we have been positively impressed by Great Estate Group (i found them on the internet). We met Roberto Biggera who helped us and explained us a lot about the aspects of the purchase process in Italy. On our indication, he leaded us to an apartment in Orvieto that we thought should have been renovated to match with our taste. Roberto introduced us to an architect who did a technical report for us, for free! Therefore we hired their partner forour project. We really have been doing well we Great Estate, and we could recommend it to everyone.
Duncan Niederauer (American Stock Exchange President)

we established a friendship with Elisa and Stephen and we have had the chance to meet Stefano Petri, the General Manager, and everyone has made us feel really comfortable. We thought that Stefano and his team would have been a good representative for our interests, which has been proved to be true. Both we and the seller have been satisfied, an evidence of their professionalism.

Service Providers

Great Estate developed a net of pre-sale and after-sale services to satisfy the requirements of clients who want to sell or buy a property in Italy. The services provided by our partners stretch from consultancy and advice to home-staging and restoration-maintenance works.
Both buyers and sellers usually ask the group several consultancies and with GREAT ESTATE they can be assisted and accompanied in every step by experts and tested artisans, and they are constantly monitored by the group.
GREAT ESTATE certifies its partnerships, which come from a careful choice among the best professionals. Once they are part of the group, the partners will be directly assessed by the clients throughout cutting edge technology tools. The clients’ feedbacks will help to maintain a unique quality level.
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