By the End of 2016, the New Platform of Great Estate Property Group Will Be Online

By the End of 2016, the New Platform of Great Estate Property Group Will Be Online

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Being extremely proud, I can confirm that the new platform of the Great Estate Group will be completed and launched on line by the end of 2016. The year 2016 was and is continuing to be the year of great efforts for our Group, with the renewal in organization and in the group’s presentation, investments that will further increase the development projects of the network. The new platform is formed by several modules that will include:

reality02Reality Evaluation: A powerful tool developed by the united efforts of university experience, real estate specialists and IT Location Intelligence technologies. The program will allow the users to estimate the value of each property objectively, by its comparing with the market situation in a specific area, being able to provide the-real-time updated market data related to national Observatory on Real Estate Values, the required data, estimates and sales. The absolutely innovative tool that follows the experiences of major international companies, considered to be advanced in this type of services. In addition, the valuation module generates a really structured esteem and allows the sharing of the process with the seller, without any “confrontation”. It is an undeniable fact that, in recent years, real estate values are objectively reduced and that almost every evaluation goes with a “confrontation” between the agent and the owner. Reality will also change the psychological approach to the work with the seller who, from now, participates and becomes aware of evaluation process, which will be shared with him even if it is not satisfying enough.

reality01Reality Exposure – Advertising of the property: The new platform will give an opportunity for every agent to arrange automatically, quickly and easy the marketing plans to promote every single property. The marketing plans will be suggested automatically by the platform, according to the type of the property, its location, type and condition, as well as an asking price, respecting the estimated value. This methodology will be able to streamline and optimize the entire process of property advertising on the market, even in the projecting of the sale mandate which will be updated regularly on the basis of the work carried out by the head office, in relation to the printed updates, considering both, a concept profile and, especially, legal profiles.

Reality Examination. The last and the most important activity is the statistic review of every property that will allow every owner and every agent to control the proceeding of every specific marketing plan of every single property and suggest eventual changes and integrations that should be done.

sito_greatestate02All this meticulous work will unify and streamline in an important way the sellers’ management. In the end, the top of the iceberg will be visible on the new completely revised website of the Group that you can test following this link: (user name: ge / password: ge2016)

In the next two months, the new platform will also develop the modules for the purchasers’ management, the management of the negotiation as well as that one of the Agency and Network statistics. Thus, we will have a better work organization in every department of the network.

At the same time, the 2016 has witnessed the improvements and detailed analyses of Business Plan, comprising the development of the Great Estate Network within the whole Italy. It is an ambitious project that will strengthen our brand and its exponential growth, conscious of our past and of our future position based on the new platform that will replace that one used by the Great Estate Group so far and will enable its transformation from a single agency to a group, present in 7 Italian regions with about 30 seats.
The 2016 was an important year for the confirmation and implementation of important role of the central office and of the local offices throughout the country, that was described in the article ANALYSIS OF 2016 .

In conclusion, I would say that the group is really ready to become one of the landmarks of the Real Estate World of Italy.

Iuliia Sharenko

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