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Buy prestigious properties in Italy: thanks to the “flat tax”

In a previous article we talked about the flat tax: an optional lump tax introduced by the last budget law on the income of rich foreigners who want to buy prestigious properties in Italy and move their residence here after

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Real Estate – Via dei Colli Immobiliare, partner of the Great Estate Group in Umbria: The successes story of 2016

Via dei Colli Immobiliare, a real estate agency based in Umbria, partnered with The Great Estate Group has achieved great successes thought 2016 and is clearly moving into 2017 with a winning strategy. Traditional country houses and apartments in the

ISI Inail 2016: Good News for Companies with Investment Projects and Asbestos Rehabilitation Measures

Good news for the companies that intend to realize investment projects and to implement asbestos rehabilitation measures! In fact, ISI Inail 2016 provides contribution to the Fund Lost of 65% up to 130,000 Euros for the realization of investment projects

Gina Guglielmi Represents the Project Great Estate Partners in Apulia

Born in Apulia, grown up in Milan, a resident of the world, she arrived in Tuscany with her Logica Immobiliare to come back to her origins with the Project Great Estate Partners. Gina Guglielmi represents the Great Estate with all

Reality: The new IT project of Great Estate

Reality is the new technological project of Great Estate, fruit of the innovative ideas of real-estate professionals, university graduates, IT professionals, and expert analysts in company development & management. Reality is a system of business location intelligence, which supports decision

The New Website of the Great Estate Network: Elegant and Exiting

One of the great innovations of 2016 is the Great Estate website: elegant, advanced, dynamic and quite brilliant. The new site is the result of teamwork, starting many months ago and that, today, is ready to be released and used

“Le Case sul Lago” and its Success, the partner agency of Great Estate for the territory of Lake Trasimeno

Giacomo Migni, the partner of Great Estate from “Le case sul Lago”, a member of Great Estate Network, talks about the goals achieved in 2016 thanks to the collaboration with Great Estate. Hello Giacomo. When and how did the partnership

Monti Real Estate in Piedmont: Excellent Results of 2016

The Monti Real Estate, the partner agency of the Great Estate Group is very satisfied with the year 2016. The numbers of the last 5 months in collaboration with Great Estate are the following: seven successful negotiations, one yet to

Marco Bordon, the real estate agent, talks about the new success gained with Great Estate

Marco Bordon, the real estate agent of the Lombardia region, tells about the sales recently closed in the beautiful area of Como Lake Good evening Marco. You are a real estate agent, that’s right? Could you tell us about your

Very Soon, The New Great Estate Website Will Enter a Top Chart as a New Means of the Group Communication on the International Level

I am proud to inform all our clients and the whole group about the great work that has been going on for many years to improve every communication aspect of our company and, in particular, our website that every

Antonio Anile, responsible for San Vincenzo office, tells about the importance of Real Estate Due Diligence BEFORE Every Sale

The importance of due diligence is very often underestimated, especially when the seller tells to real estate agent:” I am sure that all the documents of my house are in order”. This is the first statement that Dr. Antonio Anile wanted

The Real Estate Values for Second Homes in Italy are Growing or Declining?

For some months, I hear the voices talking about the “recovery” of real estate market in Italy. In this article I am going to describe our reflections about the specific sector of the Italian real estate market – the market

Salvatore Valese, the Next Agent of Real Estate Network Presents Great Estate Formia

We interview Mr. Salvatore Valese, the agent who very soon, will become a part of our Real Estate Network, and will deal with the client management within the new project Great Estate Formia, in the South coast of Lazio. Hello,

Splendid Country House in Tuscany Recently Sold with Great Estate

Great Estate has recently closed one more sale of the country house in Tuscany. Giacomo Buonavita, the real estate agent who managed the seller, tells about this new success. Could you tell us when you have taken this property for sale

By the End of 2016, the New Platform of Great Estate Property Group Will Be Online

Being extremely proud, I can confirm that the new platform of the Great Estate Group will be completed and launched on line by the end of 2016. The year 2016 was and is continuing to be the year of great efforts

2016, The Great Estate Property Group: The Positive Trend is Continuing

The data of 2016 is continuing to confirm the setting and the methodology chosen by our group, even in the moments of extreme difficulty, they are managing to bring significant results. At the end of the year, we will make

The estimate of the notary is online now:; Great Estate Group is going in step with the new realities

With the decision to buy a new house, we usually have to deal with the choice of notary. Even more, this choice is necessary and appropriate since when it comes to the stage of preliminary sale. Just as an answer

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