“The cypress trees that line the road on both sides, go from San Guido to Bolgheri …”: Bolgheri a fascinating place almost out of time

“The cypress trees that line the road on both sides, go from San Guido to Bolgheri …”: Bolgheri a fascinating place almost out of time

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Mr. Bartolomei, legal representative of the company that owns the beautiful and exclusive Resort in Bolgheri, presents the prestigious accommodation resort.

Good morning Mr Bartolomei. Tell us about this luxurious Resort, history and quality of this prestigious hotel situated in one of the most famous medieval villages of Italy.

Good morning. The Resort in Bolgheri is part of the “Borgo Giovanni Bartolomei“, which came about from the conversion of the historic farm of my father, a man who, in the fifties, had to abandon his native land of Le Marche to move to Tuscany in search of a better future for his family. Today the village owes its name to him.

His love for nature and for this land has been passed down to his children, first of all to myself, and then to his grandchildren and my children. Over time, my family and I have made “Borgo Giovanni Bartolomei” what it is today.

Inside the village there is The Resort, separate and independent, and twenty beautiful townhouses each with private entrance and garden.

The panorama and landscape of the countryside of Bolgheri, along with our time and our dedication, have transformed a typical manor house into one of the most beautiful Resorts in the region.

An oasis of relaxation and well being that counts 12 apartments, each named after a precious stone.

Large loggias on the sides of the properties, panoramic views from the dovecote at the peak of the roof, porches and gardens are just some of the main features of these apartments.

The view during sunset in these magical places is alive in the memory of each and every guest we have had the pleasure of knowing.

The Resort is located in one of Italy’s most famous villages: Bolgheri. In this regard, do you believe that an investment in this location is particularly profitable?

Bolgheri, a small village in the municipality of Castagneto Carducci, in the province of Livorno, is now known all over the world.

The fame and prestige acquired over time are due primarily to the delicious DOC wine produced in this area and the poet Carducci, who wrote in this land “Davanti a San Guido“, contributing decisively to the fame of Bolgheri and the world famous avenue of the cypresses that leads to the town.

“…A le querce ed a noi qui puoi contare l’umana tua tristezza e il vostro duol. Vedi come pacato e azzurro è il mare, come ridente a lui discende il sol! E come questo occaso è pien di voli, com’è allegro de’ passeri il garrire!…”

Wine production owes its success to the exceptional microclimate of this land. It definitely has a huge economic significance, not only for the marketing of the product, which is certainly noticeable, but also for the flow of tourists that it attracts every year.

Food and wine tourism has become a key element of the economy of this area, and the Resort is located right in the middle of everything: deep in the countryside of Castagneto Carducci, just five minutes from the sea.

It is evident, therefore, the scope of the investment. But that’s not all.

My family has created an important accommodation structure, focusing on hospitality and offering guests exclusive services such as a tennis court and a swimming pool.

The resort needs an interested party that accepts and loves this rare gem as it is, but also with the ambition to propel it to even higher levels.

We are aware that we did not take advantage of every opportunity that the Resort is able to offer. Possibly because the original profession of our family, which has always been dedicated to agriculture and livestock, or maybe a little for other contingent circumstances (our large family is dedicated in part to this project and in part to something very different).

The addition of a prestigious restaurant and, why not, even a wine bar in an intimate location within the village are just a few examples of how to expand our family jewel and business. Our guests certainly would enjoy these two possible additions to the resort and village. And with them an investor could reap great profits, as well as, great satisfaction.

In essence the resort covers more than 550 square meters, which is surrounded by an oasis of tranquillity.

Often our guests, so accustomed to the chaos of the big cities mention that they are almost afraid of the silence they find here while also being enchanted by the sweet songs of the birds.

We know that the Resort has, every year, the presence of an important loyal customer, is that right? Explain to us the secret of this success.

Yes, the resort is lucky to enjoy clients who return every year. Part of the credit, of course, goes to the location, Bolgheri.

Bolgheri itself has an important intrinsic value, for all the reasons I mentioned above.

After that, the marketing work which we have done over the years, together with the beauty of the structure, have played a key role in the success of our family business.

However, word of mouth is undoubtedly the real point of strength of the success of this Resort. The quality of service that we offer every day has paid off and it is immensely gratifying I have to say!

What services are provided to guests of the Resort?

The Resort, currently, in addition to the chance to stay in a beautiful area, offers a range of recreational amenities, which include a swimming pool in the countryside of Bolgheri, a tennis court, a picnic area with barbecue, a lounge bar and lets not forget the sea just five minutes away.

Our staff is always available to give guests advice or suggestions such as where to go for dinner, a cocktails party and/or a wine tasting in the old town of Bolgheri and wineries of the area (and obviously we will make any reservations needed).

How did you find GE and for which reason did you choose to entrust the sale to our Group?

I discovered the Great Estate Group quite by accident, while doing a search on Google. The Group was looking for prestigious properties for Belgian clients and I decided to offer mine.

Since that time, after meeting Dr. Antonio Anile, I decided to undertake this collaboration.

I had from the beginning a very good impression of the Group. In fact, for the first time I decided to entrust The Great Estate Group with the exclusive mandate of sale.

The many services The Group offers are great and the professionalism of Antonio and his staff truly convinced me that I made the right choice.

Resort for sale in Bolgheri – Code psge003402 – Price € 1.900.000

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