The estimate of the notary is online now:; Great Estate Group is going in step with the new realities

The estimate of the notary is online now:; Great Estate Group is going in step with the new realities

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The estimate of the notary is online now:; Great Estate Group is going in step with the new realitiesWith the decision to buy a new house, we usually have to deal with the choice of notary. Even more, this choice is necessary and appropriate since when it comes to the stage of preliminary sale. Just as an answer to all the various problems and issues that may arise relating to the choice of a notary, from now the estimate of the notary can be applied directly online and, which is more important, the network also gives us the opportunity to search the professional that suits best in our personal case.

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The use of online services like NotaioFacile not only gives us an opportunity to find a professional in the area but also to use free services of notary consulting, but also the possibility to find a professional before to arrive at the drafting of contracts and also to get an estimate of the notary, so you can proceed with all the data in hand. In fact, the notary estimate is only one of the aspects to keep in mind: do not forget that if the cost is important, then the relationship created between the client and the notary to whom you decide to trust, is even more important. (Remember: the right of choosing a notary is declared at the purchase contract.)

  • Notary consulting: What does the notary do?

Applying for a notary estimate, very often people think that his task finishes on the drafting of a contract that is usually more or less the same, which is to be signed by the parties in his presence. In reality, that is not so: indeed, that is not so at all.

– First of all, the notary is the right professional to ask an advice to make sure you do everything correctly. Do not forget the fact that the notary is a public official who must ensure the compliance with laws and find the solution that meets best the needs and desires of the parties, and not “to take sides” of any of them.

-The notary is also responsible for verifying the absence of any mortgages on the property, the necessary research and study of any prejudicial charges: in fact, it is a very responsible task that, in the end, protects the buyer from any “bad surprises”.

– Finally, as a withholding agent, he will collect and remit a number of fees and taxes, as well as to record and report the property data.

To summarise, it is a complex of investigations and compliances which guarantee the security of the buyer.

  • NotaioFacile: How can I use the service of a notary online?

You can connect to in a few simple steps, find your own online notary, set the terms you need and even ask a notary estimate: all by taking advantage of a free service. In fact, you do not have to pay for access to the portal and even once contacted the notary, there is no obligation to you. The service is not only free, but also very simple to use: just select the city of interest, then you will be asked in which field you are looking for a notary. Some other additional details will be asked to frame the situation of the specific case, saving time and gaining clarity. Then, the software will automatically send the request to notaries so that they can respond directly to you, totally confidentially and without any intermediary. It is you who decides whether to make an appointment and procced with the deal.

 Therefore, the importance of the service offered by NotaioFacile is highlighted by the option of additional advice to all those who, in various roles, participate in a purchase deal (in particular the party of the buyer and, at his side, the real estate agents). So, it is important to know that it is one more strength of the GE group. In fact, the Great Estate property group offers correctness, professionalism and service that are often completely absent in the real estate area, and this allows the customer to make a purchase in total serenity and assurance. All the urban examinations, cadastral and mortgage certifying of the saleability of the property are carried out not only during negotiations, but the Great Estate Group also offers specific advice, TO GUIDE YOU IN FINANCIAL CHOICES, related to the purchase of the property. Such support also includes the providing a customer with the maximum costs of the sale charges, that is another important service offered by the group.
The website of the group – – offers a special purchase guide, as well as various links through which you can find the info about the real estate tax system in Italy (property tax, the municipal property tax, registration of a lease contract, inheritances and gifts).
To conclude, the network is always increasingly meeting the user’s needs, and the service also gives you the opportunity of easily search of the notarial professional directly at home.

In the face of this, the large group of Great Estate shows, once again, that it is going in step with the new realities, to offer its customers a specific advice and general indication about the notary costs, and even consult the trusted notary of the group.


Chiara Peppicelli

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