Services for the Buyer

The property of your dreams at the best price and with the best advice.
Great estate group shares with each professional a growth path and therefore each one of them offers those fairness, professionalism and willingness needed for a smooth purchase.
We help clients to face a safe and aware purchase, conscious of the property they are buying and completely respecting their privacy.In order to confirm that the properties’ asking price is matching with the market estimates, Great Estate uses a breakthrough software: Reality©.This software, an authentic and constantly updating database of the real estate offers and purchases in Italy, objectifies and clarifies the properties’ value. More over, Reality is used in the acquiring phase of every single property.To avoid unpleasant inconveniences during negotiations, Great Estate duly checks on all the verifications carried out during the acquiring, such as the compliance to the town planning regulations and to the title search to prove the property’s salability.
Moreover, through many associated professionals, the group offers:
  • Tax advice
    Every negotiation is handled by our approved technicians and experts to guide the customers in their financial choices.
  • Technical advice
    Our service provider partners offer pre-sale and after-sale assistance, ensure short time of realization, excellent performances and restoration works quality.
  • Step by step service
    We assist our clients each step of the way from the choice of the property to the signing of the title deeds.

My Agent

It is obvious that the Italian Real Estate Market is not as transparent as the Anglo-Saxon market; It lacks a single database, gathering all the real estate offers available for sale, thereby forcing potential buyers to consult dozens of different media, often only in Italian. International investors sometimes feel discouraged, as they cannot find the property they are truly searching for. Many share the wish to interact with a single professional, working within a real estate agency of undisputable excellence, having the capacity to offer personalized advice and My Agent services. My Agent assignment is the way to obtain this unique and personalized consulting.

What is My Agent service?

My Agent Service is the instruction given by the client to Great Estate to search for a property to buy. It is a value-added service, entailing a mutual investment in trust, to reach the common goal. With My Agent assignment, a dedicated professional consultant of Great Estate will be the single point of contact for the client; he/she will actively seek for perfect property for the client, firstly within our extended real estate portfolio, then in the entire market, selecting potentially interesting properties, marketed both by private owners and other agents. The client can always count on the reliability and accuracy of Great Estate. Past experience indicates that approximately 80% of clients undersigning our My Agent agreement actually buy through us.

Why choose My Agent service?

My Agent assignment offers significant benefits to the client wishing to buy:
  • Efficiency and time saving.
    Huge time savings can be achieved, as all the burden of the search is passed on to us; the client will never be overwhelmed by dozens of emails and calls from different agents, as those will be addressed to us, being it on us to screen and filter everything based on the requirements and property preferences the client has expressed;
  • Unique consultant and unique real estate agency.
    A dedicated consultant is assigned to the client, with the aim of addressing his/her needs in a transparent and trustworthy relationship;
  • Quality of the services provided.
    The level of products and services are strictly controlled by high profile experts whose goal is: not to sell at all costs, but to sell that property that will be able to entirely satisfy the client’s expectations;
  • Language.
    Language barriers are removed, as our multilingual consultants will assist the clients in their language;
  • One stop shop approach
    Legal, technical (i.e. Due Diligence) and tax assistance is provided upon request by selected professionals;
  • Effectiveness of the property search
    With My Agent agreement there is a high probability of finding the perfect property: 80% of the clients who sign My Agent agreement actually purchase one the properties proposed.

How does My Agent service work?

Once the assignment My Agent has been undersigned, the work entails three phases:
-firstly, the search phase,
-secondly, the viewing/assessment phase
-lastly the buying process.
  • Dedicated search phase
    The entrusted Great Estate expert will listen and deeply comprehend the requirements and tastes of the client; (for instance the detection of the most appropriate location or area of interest). The same expert will be capable to advice the client who has not expressed a clear preference in this. Once the client’s needs, preferences and requirements have been recorded and understood, the agent carries out a property search in order to find potentially interesting properties, within the portfolio of Great Estate but also of the Real Estate agents located in the areas of interest, as well as through property websites, magazines and networking. The agent will select with the client a few properties, sending a detailed report for each property to the client, including photographs and relevant information. The agent will arrange all the viewings and keep the schedule for the clients.
  • Viewing phase and assessment
    A first viewing to all the selected properties is made with the client. After a further screening, the client normally makes a second viewing to the properties deemed more suitable. In this phase the expert could already make a professional valuation of the real estate and a first assessment of the works and improvements that could be made to the property.
  • Purchase phase
    Once the right property has been selected, the agent draws up an offer to purchase, in which the purchase terms and the price are agreed together with the client. Although Great Estate carries out a first analysis on each property of its portfolio beforehand, (inspecting both the actual state of the property and the compliance of the property to building codes and land registry, checks on the titles, mortgages, liens etc..), the client has the right to subject the offer to the positive outcome of a due diligence report. This latter includes all the necessary checks carried out by an independent and qualified technician (at care and expense of the buyer). The additional legal, technical or tax advisory required at this stage by the client can be performed by the capable professionals we have selected, at convenient and transparent tariffs. The client is followed step by step by the dedicated consultant till the final completion deed; even after, we are always just willing to help and to properly address the client’s needs through our network of professionals.

How much does it cost?

My Agent service is free of charge, being a mutual trust demonstration between the client and the agency: the former is advantaged in having only one professionals as referent, the latter will have the certainty to work in complete quiet so to select the best options for the client. Therefore, except for the normal agency’s fee, there isn’t any extra cost.

Transparency of costs.

Transparency in costs and tariffs. We guarantee transparent and controlled tariffs both for Great Estate and for affiliated professionals (architects, builders, notaries, lawyers); we also offer an excellent pay-back-fee-when-you-buy agreement, as the initial fee the client pays is entirely deducted from our brokerage commission in case of purchase;

My Agent service Gold

Upon request it is available an even more tailored My Agent service for each client. In addition to the services already described in the Private Agent Standard, the Private Agent Gold offers and ensures to find at least 3 and no more than 10 potentially interesting properties within 14 days from the assignment’s date; these properties are previously inspected by us in person together with all the associated documents, so to send a detailed report for each property to the client, including photographs and relevant information. We arrange for our clients, through our trustworthy professional partners, the first legal, tax and technical advisory to answer specific requests. How much does the Gold My Agent service cost? Great Estate asks the client a fixed fee of 1,500 Euro + Vat for My Agent; this amount covers part of the time and costs incurred by the professionals, for performing all the searches, inspections and checks before the actual viewings with the client; the fee should be settled when a viewing session is scheduled together with the client. If an offer to purchase is made on a specific property, we ask the client to pay a fixed fee of 1,500 euro + Vat to cover the technical and legal costs of the due diligence report. What the client pays to Great Estate for all the services mentioned above will be totally deducted from the brokerage fee due to our group in case of a successful purchase. If, for any reason, the client does not purchase any of the properties presented, this amount will be retained by our agency for all the work done.

Search to purchase

Entrust the exclusive to Great Estate Group. For years we have been providing advice and finding the right prestigious property to national and international clients. Please tell us the main characteristics the estate you are looking for should have, fill in and submit to us the form here below and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.
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