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Stefano Petri's presentation Our Group's goals are tangible and clear. Since 2001, through the gained extensive experience, we've created a real method that eases us and guarantees the success proved by the purchase agreements concluded. We've also been able to optimize and transfer this method to a platform, created by innovative device, that easily organize every single activity rotating around the real estate world. That's the reason why today we are a powerful and worldwide acknowledged real estate entity.
A method and a wide range of services we will share with all our current and future partners, to achieve important results, grow and build together a story of efforts, satisfactions and success, always more and more enriched day after day.

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Great Estate Partners' business solutions are incredibly easy and can be enclosed in few points:

Passing the whole marketing and advertising work to the head office, reducing, up to eliminating, the costs for the promotion of the estate database now at charge of the single agencies.
Spending your own time to handle the sellers and buyers' requests, optimizing the work through edge technology.
Relying and exploiting the strength and the support of a great brand, acquiring remarkable properties, sharing the costs for advertisement with the sellers through services and organized communications, receiving contacts of buying clients daily and much more.
Handling, analyzing and precisely reporting all the working processes and related outcomes through tested IT tools, to improve our performances.
Generating incomes from the post-sale and services as a whole.

360° organization

The head office organizes and supports the agencies in the everyday activities, with experience and quality, paying attention to each request of improvement.
We carefully and professionally maintain every aspect of our organization. This latter manages all the steps of a negotiation, from the acquiring of a potential client to the purchase. Our experts and professionals contribute with their support to the growth of the Group itself, improving it, bringing different criticisms and several change proposals. The big achievements and the continuous confirmation of the results, reward us form one side and encourage us to increase and improve on the other. We believe in the power of an efficient and effective communication, that follows the same direction of the noteworthy global promotion we do for our customers wishful to know and buy prestigious properties in Italy.

An efficient website, leading to sales not only to views

Thousands of visits everyday. Always among the first in the search engines for the search-related-keywords. Completely usable in different languages, the main Italian reference for foreign users.

For the partner agency:
- Attendance in one of the greatest and most remarkable Italian and global showcase of the real estate world, always updated with the latest innovations and trends.
- Availability of a web know-how of undisputable efficiency and of a strong communication impact for clients.
- Saving time and money avoiding the promotion of a website that will never have a wide exposure except for a really consistent investment, and being able right from the beginning to state “my Group's website is one of the most frequently visited all over Italy”
For Your Sellers:
- High visibility and promotion of their estates for over 1.000 clients per day (according to our website exposure statistics of October 2016)
- Increase of prestige and creation of a web identity through a graphic presentation of the highest profile.
For your Buyers:
- Comfortably and independently management of the identification of the wished property. - Availability of the interested property's information in a user-friendly language.

Real estate portals and websites advertising

We are in all the national and international authoritative real estate portals, always at the top positions in order to give the best possible visibility. A sophisticated IT system and an experts' team check on the websites performances and test also new ones to be introduced.
The purchase of big spaces for advertisement and the chance to continuously invest on IT tools and in performances analysis, allow the agencies to optimize one of their major investments, sparing on these costs and improving the results. less investments, better outcomes…………..
Our exhibition schedule is getting richer and richer every year. Our presence is guaranteed not only by Great Estate stands but also by the cooperation in co-branding. Nowadays exhibitions help us to relate with the world, some of them, those we attend most frequently, help us to enter new agreements with foreign real estate experts interested in the Italian market. Italian exhibitions: Rome, Milan, Arezzo, Venice. International exhibitions: London, Utrecht, Moscow, Beijing, Lugano, Cannes, Dubai, Shanghai and Brussels.

National and International Exhibitions

Our exhibition schedule is getting richer and richer every year. Our presence is guaranteed not only by Great Estate stands but also by the cooperation in co-branding.
Nowadays exhibitions help us to relate with the world, some of them, those we attend most frequently, help us to enter new agreements with foreign real estate experts interested in the Italian market.
Italian exhibitions:
Rome, Milan, Arezzo, Venice.
International exhibitions: London, Utrecht, Moscow, Beijing, Lugano, Cannes, Dubai, Shanghai and Brussels.

Advertising on real estate magazines

A great exposure cannot be separated from a massive presence on the main national and international newspapers. An in-house press office, consisting of experts who write new contents everyday, and 2 international P.R. companies make our group one of the most exposed realities in the global market. Our history is a big added value also to each one of our new partner agency that will be using for free all the investment we've done in the last 20 years. We've always had one main goal: show the world that Italy is and will be one of the favorite destination to buy a holiday home.

The Great Estate Partnerships paper-and-web Magazine

The biannual newspaper is distributed in the most excellent accommodation facilities, the biggest professional offices in Italy and in the national and international real estate agencies we cooperate with. Moreover, the online magazine, full of recent events news, interviews and suggestion on the made in Italy, is sent to our best clients. It is a window on the real estate world and guarantees the visibility of the Partners, with the chance to be daily used by all the users. Two added important tools for communication, outcome of the work of many experts who write contents and deal with graphic and marketing.

Geographical coverage

An international Group with offices in more than 20 Countries.
Since from our beginning, we believed and hoped that the creation of a real agencies and professionals' network would have been possible. That's the reason why we thought a platform in which every phase of the cooperation process is identified and controlled and that, at the same time, can be updated from both parties. This system is the result of 15 years of attempts and solutions ad-hoc created for the real estate world's requests.
Our offices in Italy are located in Toscana, Umbria, Marche, Piedmont, Sardinia and Liguria and, within 2025, we aim to cover the whole national territory.
Moreover, we've established partnerships and cooperation with international entities to which we've offered what they were in need of:
- A prestigious database in Italy
- A professional agencies' group with shared work method for whole Italy.
- Experts capable of handling international clients in Italy.
- Cutting-edge IT tools, allowing fast information exchanges, professionalism and updated in real time.
This, and much more, is what we offer to our international partners nowadays located in: United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, Holland, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France, United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and, in these last few months, we've added also important agreement with some Chinese agencies.
Advantages for your Italian Agency:
- Possibility to rely on the group of Italian agencies and also on the big group of international agencies advertising your every property.
- Exponential increase of the possibility of sale of the properties in your database
- Previous analysis of the market, to check if a certain kind of property (already built or to be built) would be potentially appreciated by an international client rather than another one.
Advantages for your sellers:
- Global exposure of their estate
- Awareness to entrust their estate to a professionals' group with international experience.
Advantages for the research of your future buyers:
- Stunning increase of international clients interested in buying an Italian property to be handled and possibility to present an extended real estate database.

Marketing strategy

Efficient marketing instruments producing real results through an outstanding organization and a visibility that reaches important flows of potential buyers.
The great Estate Partner has always been forward-looking on business solutions and the advertising costs sharing, strongly used in foreign markets, has been organized by the group since October 2012. The format is easy! Conveying the big marketing work, the group does and share this investment with selling clients who want to have a different and more performing service.
In the last years the most of our sellers compensate this effort, contributing with hundreds of thousands euros to our massive advertisement investment. Remarkable numbers, reachable also from other national offices, since the service is thought to be efficient in the whole Italy and doesn't fear comparisons all over the country.

Our Marketing plans

To make the marketing plans trigger a virtuous circle it is necessary:
For the partner agency:
- To consistently decrease the advertising investments, all the way to might have incomes from this method.
- To strengthen the loyalty of the sellers.
- to acquire more sellers and buyers through an exposure increase.
For the sellers:
- To use a unique marketing and communication strategy with competitive cost.
- to have an updated in real time online visualization of the work carried out by the group and specifically:
a) check on their own property's performance on the market.
b) possibility to know the reason of the eventual Non-sale of the property.
c) compare the performance of their estate with other successful models.
d) chance to actively participate in the process to modify the communication and marketing work.
For the buyer:
- have many channels to find the wished estate and have the chance to be contacted through the group.

Management software, crm and The Best Price

Through a section in our management software we can provide detailed analysis on the evolution of the single agency, broker, advertisement and estate. Scientific calculations that give precise advice to improve on all sides and reach the appointed goal.

Benefits for the partner agency
- Possibility to check on the agency and brokers' work
- Possibility to check on every property's evolution on the market, know the reason of the eventual Non-sale of the property comparing the performance of their estate with other successful models.
- possibility to use a constantly upgrading know-how to improve the performances and avoid old mistakes.

A powerful management software to make work activities easier and better

A work tools that has become essential, through its efficiency, flexibility and potential. Our IT management system ease and speed up the daily activities of the agency and provide fantastic calculation tools. Your future management software can help you with:
- Technological administration of your selling and buying clients database;
- Management of a potentially endless number of clients;
- Real estate evaluation with a sophisticated and performing system of geolocalization (The Best Price);
- Automatic sending of all the properties in the network with personal design and possibility to be contacted from the eventual buyer directly;
- Filing of every document and of every contact with each client;
- Constant automatic control of your estates' advertisements;
- Multiple portals insertions;
- Organized communication through mailing list;
- Check on the evolution of the properties, of the single agency and broker and many more graphic analysis to improve performances;
- Filing of every estate;
- Agenda;
- Online handbook;
- Booklet creation

GE academy

GEAcademy's mission in the Great Estate Partners Network is to be a point of reference for its own internal team, for the partners and the providers to reach excellence in the clients' acquiring, in the sale and in the services' structuring. GEAcademy wants to strenghten the sale process in the world of the luxury real estate and wants to spread a culture made of essential assumptions, giving to this area a precise identity made of excellence and attention to detail. Great Estate philosophy is the foundation of GEAcademy and affects its educational offer. GEAcademy is created on two main educational offers. The former is thought for New Applicants, the new partners , the second one is for the Old Applicants, agencies that are already Great Estate's members. GEAcademy is meant with the aim of creating continuos Touch Point between partners and head office, in order to stabilize the company's philosophy and make it long lasting. Through the Gamification logic the agencies will be involved in a path of professional growth made of sharing, research, classes and know how in lin with GEP's world. The creation of communal languages, the processes's sharing and the creation of CULTURE are the purposes that the Academy wants to comply with.

Become partner

We have the will and an interest to increase your sales in Italy through our methodology, our property portfolio, and our national and international support.
The Great Estate Partners is a network of real estate agencies, professionals and friends with a common shared project and precise rules. Together they show that strong partnerships are maintained through the sharing of methodology and IT tools that facilitate communication. This then makes geographical distances less important.
We believe in our respective shared growth with this approach:

Foreign partners of the Great Estate Partners

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