The purposes of this page

EU Regulation 2016/679 provides that, if some personal data are collected and/or used, people have to be clearly informed about it. This is precisely the purpose of this page.
For Great Estate, clients’ data and privacy protection are fundamental. We are aware of the trust you put in our Group when giving us your data for the research of your dream home or for the selling of your property.

Recipients of the service

The use of this website is intended exclusively for adults; persons under the age of 18 cannot register on the portal or use the related services.

Personal data processing legal basis

We will process your personal data in a legitimate way, based on some of the legal bases provided:
  1. to fulfill contractual or pre-contractual obligations, for example when we follow up on your requests, to send you an evaluation of your property, allow you to find the property of your liking, estimate the value of a property, evaluate your level of interest found with users, prepare preliminary documentation, support you with notarial deeds, etc.
  2. with your consent, for example when you subscribe to our newsletters, accept the use of third-party cookies, join an after-sales service, use social-login tools, etc.
  3. for legal obligations, for example when we have to comply with regulations or receive requests from competent authorities, etc.
  4. for our legitimate interest, for example when we adopt tools, software, services and information platforms, including from third parties, to make advanced features available and/or make the portal work properly, or to ensure its security, etc.

Personal data processing purposes

Your personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

Purposes Legal base
  1. use our site to search for your favorite property;
  2. register with the portal in order to offer you personalized services, receive information on a specific property or types of properties, collect reviews and evaluations of properties;
  3. put a property for sale in the portal, and more generally perform our real estate brokerage services;
Contractual or pre-contractual duties fulfilment
  1. sending you newsletters, information, commercial proposals, promotion and special offers inherent to our properties list and services;
  2. doing some market investigations about our users’ and/or clients’ satisfaction;
  3. proposing our post-sale services;
  4. personalizing contents and listings, collecting and analyzing the different behaviors during the surfing in order to improve the website usability, contents and user’s experience.
Your consent
  1. fulfilling the obligations provided for in a law, regulation, community law or in a Competent Authority’s order (as, for example, with regard to the anti-money laundering);
Legal duties
  1. operate information systems properly, analyze traffic and functionality, implement necessary security measures and prevent illegal activities;
  2. exercising the CEO’s rights as, for instance, the right of defense in court proceedings;
The Managing Director’s legitimate interest

Data provision

The contribution of your personal data, for the purposes indicated in points 1-3 is necessary; without them we could not carry out the activities indicated in the relative points.
Your consent, for the purposes indicated in points 4-8 is optional; without it we will not be able to carry out the relative activities and the use of the services may be partial or impossible; we inform you that your consent may subsequently be modified or revoked, simply and immediately, through your reserved area of the portal or by making a request to .

Modalities of processing and security measures

We process your data lawfully and correctly, adopting appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction of data. The processing is carried out mainly by computer and/or telematics, adopting appropriate organizational methods and logic, closely related to the purposes indicated.

Access to personal data

Your data may be made accessible:
  • to our employees or collaborators, specially appointed;
  • to our partner real estate agencies or other external parties who, after having been appointed as data processors, carry out outsourced processing activities necessary for the pursuit of the purposes indicated above;
  • to the forces of law and order, should we receive requests to that effect.
Your personal data may be communicated to companies in our group, solely for the purposes indicated in this statement, and will not be disclosed or transferred to third parties.

Place of processing

Your personal data will be processed by the Data Controller or Data Processors within the European Union; if, for technical and/or operational issues, it is necessary to use subjects located outside the European Union, we will take the necessary precautions in order to obtain the same level of protection guaranteed by EU Regulation 679/2016; the web servers and in support of our portals, are provided by DigitalOcean and are located at their data centers in the Netherlands; for business collaborative functions we have adopted Google Workspace (always based at European data centers), while to send newsletters and part of the e-mails we use MailGun infrastructures, (based at their European data centers); some processing related to third-party tools generating cookies and/or identification, as well as those related to social-login tools reside outside the EU space, generally in the USA.

Storage time

Your personal data will be stored for the minimum period necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are collected, without prejudice to a further period of storage that is (or may be) imposed by law. In relation only to the data collected on the basis of optional consent, it will be stored for a period not exceeding that necessary to achieve the relevant purposes, or until consent is revoked.

Your rights

The Regulation gives you the rights referred to in 15 and subsequent, in particular:
  • the confirmation of the existence or of the non-existence of a personal data processing towards you and the right to obtain the access to the data or to the following information (personal data processing purposes, personal data categories, recipients and/or recipients categories to which data have been and/or will be communicated, data retention);
  • your personal data correction and/or the integration of the incomplete ones by providing an integrative declaration;
  • the removing of your personal data if the conditions are met;
  • the processing limitation, according to the possible hypothesis;
  • the portability of your personal data, if the requirements are met;
  • due to reasons connected to your specific situation, the opposition to your personal data processing for marketing and profiling purposes at any time.
Your rights exercise may be done, in a very simple way, through a via e-mail communication to , regarding the deletion of personal data from the Facebook SSO plug-in, we have provided a specific instruction page.
In any case, pursuant to art. 77 of the Regulation, you have the right to lodge a complaint to the national supervisory authority if considering your personal data processing in contravention of the regulation in force.

Personal data processing controller

Great Estate Immobiliare S.r.l, with headquarters in San Casciano dei Bagni (SI) - District of Palazzone, Via Piana 15, 53040 – ITALY, is the processing controller.

Personal data protection officer

The Managing Director designed the data protection officer (DPO), reachable at .

Last updated: December 09, 2022