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The strength of a big group, a tested effective method and advanced
tools for the valuation and sale of your prestige property.

What we offer

Real estate valuations The Best Price

An entire department of technical experts in valuations of prestige properties, combined with the efficiency of the software designed by Great Estate, bring to life The Best Price, your guarantee to know the right value of a property in line with the market.

Real estate due diligence

The group's resources and 20 years of experience secure the successful outcome of the sales closure by conducting all the necessary prior investigations into the cadastral and urban planning situation of the property.

Home Staging

Experienced professionals in communication and design, with a magnificent taste will be your guide to enhance the unique features of your home. Create cover shots and present your property at its best with the Home Staging service.

Professional photo, video and virtual tours

Great Estate's multimedia production department provides photo, video and virtual tour services for all properties with the support of specialised professionals and the best equipment.

Detailed multilingual presentation

Each property is presented on the market with a multilingual brochure, both digital and printed, including all the details needed to inform potential buyers and enhance the best features of the property.

Marketing Plans

Great Estate's central office opens for you the best international advertising channels and offers you proven strategies for the promotion of your listing.

Large database of potential buyers

The group's network allows you to identify, among tens of thousands of continuously growing profiled contacts, ideal buyers for your property, maximizing your visibility to the most motivated buyers.

Private Area and Online Statistics

By accessing your private area, you have at your disposal a series of tools that will help you increase your sales opportunities, including detailed and advanced statistics on the performance of your property.

Make an immediate profit from your prestige property

Thanks to Great Stays, your property for sale can benefit from additional international visibility and increased opportunities among potential buyers, by listing it on the market of prestige rentals, supported by the professionalism and the strength of the group.

What we offer


How much is your property worth?

Enter information on type, location and structure and get your first valuation now.

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Get a highly reliable valuation, carried out together with the Great Estate's valuation professionals using The Best Price system.

The Best Price, developed by our group in collaboration with three Italian universities, helps you draw up the best valuation scenario for prestige properties.

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Find potential buyers

Enter some data of your property to find out in real time how many of our potential buyers are looking for and are ready to buy properties like yours.

Find the buyers

Look at the results of market analysis conducted thanks to the Great Estate Group's powerful database of over 83,000 contacts.

Contact Great Estate to find out the real number of buyers potentially interested in similar properties by area, budget, type and characteristics.

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The 4-Steps Method

Estimate, Exposure, Examination (3 “E”) to achieve the most important 'S': Sale. An innovative method tested in over 25 years of success.

Estimate: Cutting-edge IT tools meet the network's 20 years of experience to bring you The Best Price, a valuation system that makes an accurate estimate of the value to be proposed to the market for reaching the best possible results.

Exposure: High-quality videos and photos, virtual visits, customised marketing plans and native speaking agents allow us to handle a multitude of requests even from a distance, multiplying the opportunities for those willing to sell.

Examination: Data enabling the effectiveness of advertising and the points to be improved. Statistics on the number of visits received by the property and visits organised are available just in one click and are explained in detail in monthly updates.

Sale: the important result of 3 “E” of the Great Estate’s method. This is the goal we set ourselves from the outset, but also a time when we know that our support is crucial to bring negotiations to a safe, timely and effective conclusion.
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My Agent

One reference person and all the group's powerful resources at your disposal to facilitate the sale of your property.

With My Agent, your prestige property benefits from a unique and powerful branding identity, able to position itself distinctively in the international market. The focus is totally on your property, allowing the agency to invest more time, resources and energy than in case with a non-exclusive mandate. The result is a more effective promotion and presentation, maximising the value and image of your property.

80% of owners who sign up to the exclusive mandate and a Great Estate marketing plan find the right buyer within 6 months.

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Sell to international buyers

Discover the Great Estate practical tips for the sale of prestigious properties internationally.

In a world where elegance and exclusivity are increasingly valued, listing and selling prestige properties requires unique skills and a global vision. By analysing markets of different nationalities, our team of experts has honed a proven methodology to enhance your property's strengths and present it brilliantly to potential international buyers.

Implement successful strategies to reach ideal buyers wherever they are in the world, with advice from Great Estate's international team.

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For the better sale

Tailor-made services and marketing plans to sell your property.
Receive specific advice on how to implement a high-performance marketing strategy.

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