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Marketing Plans

Winning solutions to give more value to your property

In a global marketplace that relies on increasingly advanced digital tools, the key to success lies in the ability to capture attention in a matter of seconds, through a well prepared detailed presentation, effectively positioned on the right channels.

Every image that evokes an inviting and classy atmosphere, every architectural detail that tells a story and elegance, every carefully chosen word to inspire, are the result of a constant effort that allows your property to stand out and win over ideal buyers at first glance.

Great Estate offers you excellent marketing and communication tools and skills, enabling you to choose and test the most suitable strategy to successfully valorise and sell your property.

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Your formula for success

Discover all the services and ask for a tailor-made marketing plan for your property now.

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Media productions

Experienced professionals operating with state-of-the-art tools produce effective communication materials for each property, essential for an engaging presentation, with the best technical and aesthetic quality.

  • Photo service with professional editing
  • HD video tour with aerial shots
  • Virtual tour Matterport

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International Communication Team

Great Estate's international team handles daily enquiries and profiling of new potential buyers in the world's most widely spoken languages, and takes care of the presentation of each property with original and detailed brochures.

  • Original property descriptions different for each marketing channel
  • Translation by professional native speakers into all languages spoken by our clients
  • Direct contact with international buyers

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Home Staging

Through a perfect combination of high-class furnishings, atmospheric lighting and artistic touches, Great Estate's home staging service enhances the aesthetic and commercial value of any prestigious home, creating instant emotional connections with high-profile potential buyers.

  • Property inspection and style consultation
  • Provision of designers furnishings
  • Staging and photo shooting

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Website greatestate.it

A powerful website, which brings sales and not just views, always among the top results for searches related to the prestige property market, reached daily by thousands of people worldwide.

The Great Estate website is completely translated by native speaking professionals in the languages most spoken by international buyers. Each page is strategically designed to guide the visitor through paths based on their interests, returning a timely and effective profiling of new contacts. The presentation of the properties is well structured at every level, with photos, videos, virtual tours and detailed descriptions that transparently show all the useful information for those wishing to purchase. The professionals in Great Estate's IT and communications departments are constantly updated and trained to study innovative and functional solutions, in line with digital marketing trends and the constantly evolving technical specifications in the IT sector.

Email marketing

Winning communication strategies to reach customers with targeted messages through state-of-the-art tools for sending personalized and automated newsletters.

Great Estate newsletters, differentiated according to audience interests, are sent to thousands of contacts who passionately follow each update. New contacts are carefully profiled and reached through messages with carefully crafted aesthetics and content in several languages. The marketing strategy is supported by sophisticated automatisms that keep attention and maximise the visibility of properties until the potential customer matures and expresses concrete interest. More than 30 per cent of the sales successfully handled by the group over the years have been supported by our email marketing service.

Social Media

The power of sharing and the charm of storytelling to create and cultivate valuable relationships over time.

Great Estate's communication and marketing department, with the creative and strategic support of highly qualified professionals, presides over the major social channels with daily sharing of quality content that can be sponsored towards specific target audiences. Stories, posts, testimonials, videos and interviews follow a well-defined editorial plan aimed at increasing audience engagement, cultivating relationships that last over time to reach increasingly ambitious goals.


Wide and targeted visibility on the best Italian and international channels, with multilingual management and constant performance monitoring.

The Great Estate team monitors and reports on the performance of the major property portals most relevant to the Italian prestige property market, in order to structure visibility strategies tailored to each property.
The investment on the different channels presided over by Great Estate is subject to continuous optimisation, in order to increase the yield of the advertising spaces offered to the Partner network and to the sellers, on both a national and international platforms.

Great Mag

The Magazine is dedicated to the lifestyle and stories of our partners, a high-level proprietary channel communicating what makes us “great”, through unique and original content.

For us at Great Estate, communication has always been an added value and proof of its effectiveness are the hundreds of thousands of direct leads that arrive from our website, the enthusiastic testimonials from clients and the satisfaction of Partners who have joined the group over the years. The in-house editorial team deals daily with the creation and editing of content for Great Mag, the group's online magazine. Since 2023, the exclusive printed edition has also been available, distributed at the most prestigious hotels, the largest business offices in Italy and at the real estate agencies with which we collaborate. It is also delivered to our best clients and at Great Stays properties.

Press Office

We do care about sharing the stories that make us united, which is why we support major investments in the dissemination of the most important news and best properties from our portfolio in the press.

Great Estate's in-house press office handles the group's presence in major local, national and international publications. We believe that the press, both digital and printed, can offer important potential in terms of visibility and brand recognition, contributing to the promotion of the properties, which is why we produce constant updates in press releases, announcements and advertorials, which we then disseminate in a network of selected publications. Our presence is historically recognised and is a great added value for every partner. We have always had a goal: to show everywhere in the world that Italy is, and continues to be, one of the most sought-after destinations for buying a second home.

Events and real estate fairs

We believe in the strong power of interpersonal relationships. We passionately cultivate our network of contacts through both professional and informal events, which also bring prestige and visibility to our customers.

Great Estate's calendar of events and fairs is richer every year, with a guaranteed presence also through co-brand partnerships with major players in the sector. Over the years we have developed a new department dedicated exclusively to the organisation of events, from professional workshops to the most exclusive gala dinners. We regularly participate in real estate fairs, both Italian, such as those in Rome, Milan, Arezzo and Venice, and international, in Utrecht, Moscow, Beijing, Lugano, Cannes, Dubai, Shanghai, London and Brussels, a good opportunity to showcase the best properties in our portfolio to the world.


The Great Estate Group's extensive network of partners and agencies is a valuable resource for maximising the visibility of properties and services, conveying the best opportunities in the market.

Great Estate is a network of more than 100 professionals, headed by a holding company connecting agencies and service providers in the real estate world with an ever-growing network of contacts. Each property promoted through the network thus achieves high levels of visibility in the most interesting markets for the prestige and luxury sectors, benefiting from a powerful international referral network.


Online statistics

The most effective marketing strategy is one that you can measure, with up-to-date statistics to monitor the progress of advertising over time and to study audience response in detail.

Great Estate provides each seller with reliable analysis tools, which can be consulted directly in the private area of the website. For each property for sale, the results of advertising campaigns are shown, as well as data on online viewings, downloads, leads received and visits carried out, subdivided by country of origin.

It is also possible to include similar properties in the analysis to obtain a comparison in relation to the category they belong to, a simple and intuitive method for discovering how to achieve and surpass the best performance.

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Great Estate's personalised consultancy ensures timely and comprehensive regular updates on the positioning of your property and your opportunities to reach ideal buyers.

In addition to the online tools accessible at any time, monthly reports are available on request for in-depth data on the positioning and performance of the property for sale, also in connection with special, tailor-made marketing proposals, such as participation in a real estat fair or the creation and promotion of special content.

Your trusted consultant will guide you in the interpretation of the data and the detailed study of a successful strategy.

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Real-time opportunities

Great Estate gives you a quick tool to verify how much your property is worth and how many potential buyers you can find.

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