Great Estate Group is the reference point for your investments in Italy.
Over the past 25 years, the group has always been attentive to the needs of international customers by providing step-by-step assistance in researching and purchasing a property in Italy. In addition, the Great Estate Network can count on a multiple partners and cutting-edge IT tools that guarantee 360-degree management of the purchase of prestigious properties.
Buying now in Italy is a safe investment. The second home market in Italy has always had great stability and now more than ever, being certain of your investments is essential.

Real Estate Professionals for the International clientele

The professionals in this sector deal with the management of clients’ requests coming mostly from the English-speaking world (Great Britain, USA, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, etc. ...), but also with customers from Asia and South America. Many of these professionals speak multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, German - they are therefore able to handle any international client. Furthermore, our back office, which is in charge to carry out the first contact with the client, is made up of 3 professionals who speak various foreign languages.
Differentiate your investments by giving you the Italian dream. Today it is really interesting to buy in Italy and this investment is certainly a good way to differentiate your assets.

Real Estate Professionals for the Dutch market

We receive more and more requests from customers who speak Dutch, as a result it is absolutely necessary to have native speakers within Great Estate. Suzanne and Hariet are both Dutch and have been operating in the luxury real estate sector for years, offering careful and precise advice.
Suzanne: “Our Dutch and Belgian customers seek the tranquility of the countryside especially near the lakes, such as Lake Trasimeno in Umbria and Lake Bolsena in Lazio or half an hour from the sea, near the cities of art such as Orvieto, Todi and Spoleto in Umbria, Siena, Montepulciano and Arezzo in Tuscany and close to welcoming historic centers with terraces in the main square for an aperitif and excellent restaurants. All this, to really feel on vacation and to taste the sweet life."

Hariet: “The Dutch and Belgians have always liked the Bel Paese, the quiet life, the cappuccino in the square, that little restaurant that welcomes them so well when they arrive, those moments of other times disappeared in their country. The quality of the food, the kindness, the people, the unspoiled nature but perhaps most of all: the sun, the sun, the sun."

Real Estate Professionals for the German market

One of the key sectors for us is that of German-speaking customers. Nadia, a real estate agent for Great Estate, was born in Germany, lives in Italy and has experience of many years in the real estate sector. Martina, on the other hand, is our translator who takes care of all the German texts on Great Estate website.
Nadia: "According to my professional experience that has now gone beyond ten years and from the information also taken from the German institutional websites, the will and the desire to buy a house in Italy is a story that starts from the early '70s. The Bel Paese, as Dante defined Italy, is now a classic expression used by the Germans to indicate Italy, which deserves this name thanks to its mild climate, its natural landscapes, and its culture and history. This, in my opinion, perfectly explains why Germany and its people have a strong desire to be, or rather, to belong to the Bel Paese. My generation was born with the idea that the best holidays were those spent in Italy. At school, we have always studied the Renaissance period and even the long history of the Roman Empire before. Many of our countries, roads, monuments originate from the Romans; it is as if our peoples have been linked by a common history for many years and then, the hospitality of the Italians, their empathy, their cuisine, their cities, their palaces, are a part of our 'natural' culture. How could we live without saying ‘ciao’ in Germany when we say goodbye to a friend, how could we not become romantic in seeing Piazza San Marco in Venice, how could we party at home without a pizza? For us, all of this is Italy, not only a physical place but a place of the soul, of our background. This is what pushed me and pushes many Germans to come to Italy and obviously to buy property, especially in central Italy. The relative proximity and good connections have allowed for the development of exchanges between Germany and central Italy. The farmhouse, but also the house in the villages, in the cities of Tuscany, Umbria, and Marche, is one of the best purchases that a German could wish for. Furthermore, the morphological variety of the places allows to satisfy all desires, even the most difficult ones: from the sea to the countryside of southern Tuscany, to the green hills and villages of Umbria, to the mountains for skiing and the coast of the Marche region, there that's all! And the food follows the territory - from fish to game to ... Florentine steaks!

Having a family history - from my father - based on real estate, it was natural for me to approach real estate in Italy. My partner, as well as a real estate agent, is also Project Manager for real estate projects for international clients… so I couldn't escape my - pleasant - destiny! Starting from this premise, in 2014 my partner Riccardo introduced me to Stefano Petri and his Great Estate and it was spontaneous to join forces. A perfect synergy, where my knowledge of the German law market and not least my real estate company, Italia Immobilien, based in Winningen, near Koblenz, joined the beautiful properties that Great Estate has for sale. In this way, together, we were able to provide a tailored, precise and professional service to German customers and beyond; Austrians, Swiss, and Luxembourgers are the clients I deal with. For this reason, I immediately started to manage customers who come from Great Estate together with my personal ones. In addition, the properties that Great Estate offers for sale as well as being very beautiful, always have serious due diligence, so I feel very calm in being able to offer them with maximum security to German customers. In addition, the various partner agencies connected to Great Estate and the various colleagues are always very kind and helpful... what more could I ask for?"

Real Estate Professionals for the Russian market

Our customers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus who speak Russian, and many other corners of the world choose Great Estate as their reference point in Italy because we can offer them not only professional support in the search for the property of their dreams but also advice based on their mentality and preferences. All this is possible thanks to our native-speaking professionals: Iuliia and Halyna.

Iuliia: “I entered the Great Estate world in 2016 after graduating in Philology and modern literature. First as a translator, then after the internship, I dealt with the translation of brochures and articles, management of international portals, collaboration with foreign agencies, and secretarial support. But I knew from the beginning that I would have liked more to work with people to share with them all the beauty and charm of the Bel Pese. My knowledge of pedagogics and psychology helps me a lot in communicating with clients. In addition, I am passionate about architecture and art history and our properties are all rich in history and architectural beauty. So, after acquiring the basics of the real estate world, with Stefano's approval, I went from the back office to a real estate consultant for clients who speak the Russian language. Italy is a country-brand all over the world and there are several factors that push Russian customers to buy houses here. From the most common ones - such as the beautiful cities of art, history, culture, architecture, fashion to the more individual ones that coincide with "our areas" - the quality of life, food, nature, the rather mild climate, the tranquility and beauty that surrounds us.

Halyna: "Since the end of 2019, when I joined the Great Estate group, I have been dealing with Russian translations and assisting Iuliia in managing clients. I believe that Great Estate is made up of a group of high-level professionals who use innovative and cutting-edge methods for their business that allows all customers to find the property of their dreams in Italy."

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