My Agent: an exclusive service for an assured success

An international real estate agent at your disposal

Great Estate always aims to the top, for every success is the result of complete and constant dedication. That is why we have created the service My Agent: an international real estate agent specialised in luxury properties at your complete disposal.
Whether you are looking for a property to purchase or you want to sell yours, our goal will always be the best result in the shortest time.

My Agent service for the buyer

Potential buyers usually ask themselves the following questions: Will I find what I am looking for at the best price? How and where should I focus my research?
The added value of My Agent service is making easier to the client the process of choosing, selecting and purchasing the property at the most convenient price, thanks to the Great Estate agent who will perfectly understand your needs and preferences and will propose you the most fitting properties. A unique point of reference who will help and guide you throughout the research of the perfect luxury property on the market, by searching through the various available channels.

My Agent service for the seller

Potential sellers should take into account many factors that could influence the market value and should establish a focused action plan to find the right buyer.
With My Agent Great Estate service you will be able to delegate these tasks to an international real estate agent, specialised in the sale of luxury properties, who will examine your estate, define its real value and give it the highest possible visibility towards the right audience.
Great Estate method is based on the consolidated 3-E-rule: Estimate, Exposure, Examination. These three elements will lead to the main aim of the group and the seller: the sale.
Owning a splendid property is not enough to easily sell it!
After an accurate inspection and the evaluation of the property, entrusting Great Estate and its international agents with the sale will guarantee you a visibility strategy aimed at achieving the sale in the shortest time and with the best solutions. The owner's benefit of having a unique sale channel, entrusted to a solid international Network, consists of keeping high the value of the property with a defined and coherent marketing strategy that provides also online statistics for an accurate data analysis.