Services for the seller

In a market that is constantly changing, the goal of Great Estate Group is to advise the sellers, in a true and fair way, about the real market value of their properties and to identify potential buyers, to obtain the best outcome and to constantly analyze the eventual position of the marketing activity.
In short, the Great Estate Method: Estimate, Exposure, Examination. These three elements will lead to the main aim of the group and sellers: the sale.
The goals we share with the sellers are the greatest enhancement of the property and the search, in the shortest time possible, of the right buyer who recognizes and appreciates the added values of the property.

Explanation of the method and acquisition of the property information

One of our professionals, prior to the property inspection, will take great care to explain to the seller the entire process of acquiring of a property and placing it in the various advertising channels that the group offers. This first step is important to deeply understand how many and what means of communication the group can offer to its clients.
In order to carry out this first phase, the agent will require to the client the property plans and will ask him/her some questions about the property.

Visit to the property

First, we carry out a visit to the property in order to assess its strengths and eventual room for improvement. We complete, together with the owner, the "identity card of the property"(see attached file) aimed at acquiring all the essential information about it.Prior to the visit we will need to be provided with all the relevant documentation pertaining to the property (title deeds, floor plans, both of the property and land, property registration and permissions).

Estimation of the property with The Best Price

The first E of our method....the real estate Estimation; Obtaining the assignment for sale of a property at its right market value through the The Best Price software.
Great Estate, together with an IT company that deals with geo-localized analysis, has designed and developed The Best Price, a cutting edge tools of technology to speed up and make the determination of the right value of every property. The Best Price is a software based on algorithms and data collection models developed by university researchers, Real Estate experts and IT engineers. The software wants to be a starting point not only for the agencies but also for the real estate market as a whole.
Each professional will have an IT tool with a great demonstrative power for the sellers. Through this tool every expert will write a detailed valuation report, sharing with the seller every step and choice in the process. This is the first fundamental passage to get to the purchase of a property. There is no possibility for any structure and any kind of advertising to have some results proposing a property with a different value from the market one.

My Agent

The Great Estate Group primarily works with exclusive assignment of sale (see attached file), but, in special cases, will evaluate whether to accept non-exclusive contracts.
The exclusive assignment stipulates that the Group’s Partner Agencies have the sole responsibility for the property sale. This entails several utilities:
  • For the owner, having an only point of reference means optimizing time and costs and, above all, avoiding the advertisement of the property with different brands, usually leading not only to a loss of image but also to a loss of value.
  • With an exclusive contract, the Agency focuses its commitment on the property: the more time it spends working on it, the better the consultancy and the outcome are.
  • This allows both the owner and the agency to better organize the process of marketing and sale of the property.
The non-exclusive contract (see attached file) allows the seller to be free to make private negotiations or to entrust the property sale to other real estate agents as well. With this non-exclusive contract, the owner is required to update the agency about any ongoing negotiations. Our agency does not work on verbal contracts. The Great Estate percentages change depending on the kind of activity done and the type of assignment for sale, but also on the differentiation between the estimated value and the one requested by the owner. The starting percentage needed to enjoy all the group services is 3%, which could increase depending on the above-mentioned variables.

Prior Due Diligence

This initial procedure is essential to outline the profile of the property and to resolve any issues that might affect the success of the sale. These checks are based, primarily, on planning permissions etc., relevant certificates and property tax matters.Moreover, a technical report will have to be carried out by a registered professional according to the following details:
  • Date of property construction including a list of all relevant planning permits, complete with accurate up to date floor plans.
  • Copy of all property registration documentation ( D.L.31.5.2010 n.78)
  • Certificate of habitability or reason for non possession;
  • European Energy Classification Certificate;
  • Copy of the following Certificates or reason for non possession:
    - Compliance certificate for electrical system
    - Compliance Certificate for plumbing and heating systems.
    - Boiler maintenance booklet
    - Compliance Certificate for connection to town or private sewerage
  • Property search document, copy of Title and any relevant legal or financial charges or liens etc.
  • Eventual costs and procedures to rectify any issue with special mention to town planning regulations, land registry plans, systems and title search. This step, of extreme importance for each property acquired by the group, is usually carried out during the first month of the assignment.

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The second E of our method...Exposure through marketing and presentation

The aim of our sellers is to sale their properties in the shortest time at the best price that the market can offer. In order to sell in a good and fast way, it is necessary to address to the right target market with the right price. We have already described the tools the group uses to establish the right asking price; as far as the visibility is concerned, Great Estate group can stand up to any comparison on a national level. Our brand exposure is unquestionably one of the best in Italy and all our sellers can use it to advertise their properties in a “privileged” position.
This is why we share with each owner different kinds of marketing and communication plans, according to the property itself and to the seller’s willingness to shorten times.
We have therefore created 5 Marketing Plans, answering to the several market demands and increasing the visibility of the estates on different scales. “Standard” Marketing plan, basic service for everyone; “Silver” Marketing plan, to enter the international market with brochures translated into English, Russian and German and then advertised in the best socials and real estate portals; “Gold” Marketing Plan, for the geographic/linguistic area chosen by the seller; “Platinum” Marketing Plan, organized to tackle the market through creative solutions, increasing the chances to sell in short time with the best price. Tailored marketing Plan, a sophisticated IT tool to customize the best Marketing Plan, specifically responding to the properties/clients and their needs.

Photo and video shootings

Great Estate group counts, and has always counted, on the image, also and especially because of the prestigious property managed. For this reason, we have several in-house professional photographers and graphic designers who will carry out all the art work for each property.
Moreover, since 2016, a drone pilot, as well as a 360° video specialist, is part of the group too. Those tools allow a viewing of a property wherever you are.
Through the videos, both internal and external, the group created an innovative virtual open-day service for the properties.

New marketing tool: the HOME STAGING

A real estate experienced marketing and promotion strategy
Constantly used and improved, the Home Staging has been created in US about thirty years ago.
So, the present and future of the Italian real estate market can no more quite apart from the use of the real estate valorisation as a further service among the ones offered by the real estate agencies. Results confirm it: the Home Staging is able to shorten the dwelling time of a property on the market till a 70%.
Literally, this is the “staging” of the house done by a professional home stager for a rapid and profitable market positioning. The home stager’s task it to stand the property potentialities out in order to make it more interesting and charming for potential buyers, improving so its image and competitiveness level.
Thanks to some practical expedients, the home staging is able, by involving all the senses, to create an emotional impact both through the images proposed into the listings and during the property visits, giving so a coherence between what you saw on the web and the The Best Price.





“You never get a second chance
to make a first impression”
Oscar Wilde

Wide database of potential buyers

A Powerful managing system to simplify and handle the great buyers’ database nowadays counting more than 25.000 clients. All the agencies and the head office daily carry out a customer service on this database, stimulating it constantly. A great opportunity to propose for sale each property and hope to conclude a purchase in short time.
The first impression is the most important one, therefore the way in which the properties are introduced, according to the marketing plan chosen, and the asking price are the two fundamental aspects to quickly and efficiently arouse the clients’ attraction.
In addition, our Newsletter service directly and safely presents each property to the interested customers.

Promotion in the World Wide Web

Great Estate addresses its energies to the internet world, since it can reach everyone everywhere in the world giving our clients a huge visibility showcase.Our body is built on highly innovative tools for the promotion of the estates through the websites of the group. Among these websites, the company’s one surely stands out, followed by a new website, accurately created to please the market of the primary residences, then there are specific websites for foreign countries such as, those created to share the partnership project, and many others. All of them are clearly supported by focused advertising in the web, Google AdWords promotion, national and international real estate portals and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter Linkedin and Instagram.

Great Estate Network

Our international Group is nowadays present in more than 20 Countries and in 16 Italian offices.
In Italy we are in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Marche, Piedmont, Sardinia, Sicily and Liguria and within 2025 we aim to cover the whole Country.
We’ve also established partnerships and cooperation with international entities that receive the advertisings of every single property. The purpose of the Network’s enlargement is to improve and speed up the purchase. United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, these are just a few countries we cooperate with, in the last months we have reached remarkable partnerships with Chinese agencies.
What does this mean?
It means to have the power to present your own offer for sale directly on the location in which the foreign customers live, it means to be visible and advertised not only through estate portals but also through a direct contact with native speakers and with staff qualified in international purchases.
Advantages for the seller:
- Relying on both the Italian agencies’ group and the international group advertising the property in their country.
- Exponentially increase the chance of selling the property.
Possibility to previously analyze the market, understanding if a certain type of estate could be potentially thrilling for a specific kind of clients without unnecessarily investing money to find the right buyer.

National and International Exhibitions

Our exhibition schedule is getting richer and richer every year. Our presence is guaranteed not only by Great Estate stands but also by the cooperation in co-branding. Nowadays exhibitions help us to relate with the world, some of them, those we attend most frequently, help us to enter new agreements with foreign real estate experts interested in the Italian market and are organized within our country: Rome, Milan, Arezzo, Venice. On international field we attend the exhibition of London, Utrecht, Moscow, Beijing, Lugano, Cannes, Dubai, Shanghai and Brussels.

Advertising on real estate magazines

A great exposure cannot be separated from a massive presence on the main national and international newspapers. An in-house press office, consisting of experts who write new contents every day, and 2 international P.R. companies make our group one of the most exposed realities in the global market. Our history is a big added value also to each one of our new partner agencies that will be using for free all the investment we’ve done in the last 20 years. We’ve always had one main goal: show the world that Italy is and will always be one of the favorite destinations to buy a holiday home.

The Real Estate Group Magazine

The biannual newspaper is printed in Italian, English and Russian, and includes the best contents of the online version and the most remarkable Great Estate advertorials, to introduce our estates portfolio to our clients. Our newspaper is distributed in the most excellent accommodation facilities, the biggest professional offices in Italy and in the national and international real estate agencies we cooperate with. Moreover, it is sent by post to our best clients.
The online magazine, full of recent events news, interviews and suggestions about the “made in Italy”, is a window on the real estate world and guarantees the visibility of each property, with the chance to be daily visited by all the users. These are two further tools for communication that have a background of many experts who write contents, design magazine’s graphic and website, constantly update and globally present our offers.

The third E of our method…Examination through the online statistics service

Conversation with our sellers is of utmost importance. We believe that our duty is to provide the clients with a daily consultancy, to make them aware of the market’s answer to their properties and to decide together the best strategies to facilitate the sale. It is for this reason that since January 2014, after years of studies and big investments, we created a cutting-edge tool for the real estate world: the online statistics. Every seller, with the assistance of his/her dedicated professional (by April 2019, by logging in with his/her own password), has the opportunity to supervise and share the Group’s great work, controlling the statistics and the ongoing promotions. Two are the purposes of this activity: let the seller understand the advertising and marketing strategies of the Group and, the most important one, let him/her monitor of market answers through the knowledges needed to analyze what the market is saying and to take decisions to modify and integrate the strategies.

Sell with Great Estate

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The best consultation of the Italian Real Estate starting from a 3% + VAT fee on the sale and purchase price.
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